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SAM - Various coatings for Li-Ion Battery Cells

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  • Date 2023.09.05 /
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With success, SAM installed and ramped up several slurry coating lines for the production of electrodes (anode/cathode) used in Li-Ion Battery cells. The top-notch technology coating lines, with major components from European suppliers, delivering excellent accuracies in regards to coating weights and equal coatings by means of a slot die as well as due to a specifically designed drying concept. Apart from slurry coating lines, SAM is engineering, manufacturing as well as commissioning lines for separator coatings as well as solution and extrusion coating lines for Battery pouches. Also, the manufacturing of electric and thermic insulation materials for Battery cells can be accomplished with tailormade SAM lines. With SAM’s mechanical and electrical engineering office located in Casale Monferrato (Italy), close to Milan, SAM is best prepared to meet the highest performance requirements of the Battery Cell Industry

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