Solution Coating Lab


Our High Speed Solution Coating Lab in Production Scale is designed for running water and solvent based, 100% solids, and hot melt coatings with modular coating capabilities of slot die, micro gravure, pressurized chamber doctor blade,direct/reverse/offset gravure, S-knife (comma), reverse roll, semi-flexo, 5-roll and transfer roll.

The machine includes a flotation and roll support dryer which is one of the largest and most versatile in the industry. Unique features of the machine line are automatic turrets at the primary unwind and winder for continuous running. Additional features include a secondary unwind for wet and dry laminations, corona treatment, web cleaning and UV curing. Totally, 35 different coating processes can be shown and run on the line which has a maximum working width of 1,060mm and a maximum speed of 1,000m/min.

Solution Coating Lab Specification

Web Width 500 ~1060 mm (19.7 ~ 41.7 inch)
Line Speed Min 5 ~ Max 1,000 mpm (16 ~3280 fpm)
Dryer Length 22m (72 ft, 7 zones)
Substrates Paper, Films, Metal Foils, Laminates (coat other metal foils like e.g. copper.)
Coating Method Trolley Design (8 Trolleys)
① Slot Die
② Gravure (Direct/ Reverse/ Pressurized Chamber Doctor Blade)
③ Micro Gravure
④ 3 Roll Coater (Roll Transfer)
⑤ 5 Roll Coater
⑥ Comma Knife (Direct/ Reverse)
⑦ Kiss Coating & Meyer Rod
⑧ Semi Flexo
Primary Unwind 76 & 152 mm (3 & 6 inch) shafts
Secondary Unwind 76 & 152 mm (3 & 6 inch) shafts
Rewind 152 mm (6 inch) shaft
Coating Solution Water ㆍSolvent Base, UV Curing
Viscosity 1 ~ 30,000 cps

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Research & Development project

  • High-speed gas grafting roll to roll system development about thin film coating water resistance paper substrate
    • Period:June. 01. 2017 ~ May. 31. 2019 [24month]
    • R&D fund:816,000,000 Won
    • Supporter:TIPA (Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency)
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